domingo, 6 de abril de 2014

Spring in Cascais
8 Nights + 4 massages + 1 Day Tour
Promotional Spring Price  330 euros
(valid  07April – 27 April2014)
In this beautiful spring that is arriving I propose the following programme in “a Casa e o Mundo”:PC210040.JPGPC150035.JPGPC150034.JPG
Sleeping: In one of the three rooms of the house you will find all the conditions needed for a peaceful and recovering staying in this marvellous village.
Massages: I work with a holistic massage; these four sessions will answer your physical and spiritual needs.
Day Tour: I have a few possibilities in the near surroundings; adventure, romantic, urban… we will choose according to your feel and wishes.
Additional activities that are also possible to do in this healthy and relaxing vacations: Yoga classes with Annette and surf classes with Luis Barros, just ask me if interested.

Reservations for the Spring Programme in “a Casa e o Mundo” email:

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